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Triumph : Tiger Tiger 100 1948 Triumph Tiger

Submitted by on March 28, 2010 – 1:00 pm

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Triumph : Tiger Tiger 100 1948 Triumph Tiger Picture and Description:

 57901903844908420 Triumph : Tiger Tiger 100 1948 Triumph Tiger

1948 Triumph Tiger 100. Just out of a FOUR YEAR, "every nut and bolt" restoration by an internationally famous Triumph restorer in New England. (22 miles since.) Same restorer has done bikes for Billy Joel, has had bikes featured in various publications,including Lindsay Brooke's book, Triumph Motorcycles, A Passion of Pride and Power, is the restorer of the 1959 Bonneville that the modern Triumph company auctioned off with a 2009 Bonneville to celebrate 50 years of the Triumph Bonneville last year, as well as numerous concours winners. Motorcycle consultant to Jay Leno. Several pages detailing the work carried out, are available. Many hundreds of hours invested. Originally from Austrailia, comes with some original paperwork including the original owner's manual and technical manual, original 1948 Triumph ad. Not a 100 point bike, but VERY close. Only a very few small items are not exactly as original, but period correct or very near.( some parts are unobtainable.) Changed over to primary belt drive for reliability and minimization of oil leaks. Engine rebuilt and balanced with internal upgrades. No leaks. Tank sealed. EVERY wear item is brand new. Includes an NOS correct seat from the U.K. ($500) Far too much to list here. Currently fitted with a more modern Amal Concentric carburator. Comes with a correct NOS Amal monobloc carburator. Otherwise as delivered from the factory. Gorgeous professional paint job in correct color scheme. This bike could not be duplicated for $40K if you could find an original bike AND/OR the parts! A similar bike (1947 Tiger 100) by the same restorer sold for $27,000 two years ago. Blue chip investment. A real show piece. Or, ride and enjoy. Very quick. Very rare in the U.S.

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