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We find the most interesting Motorcycles For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the Other Makes : DNEPR MT-16 2WD DNEPR MT-16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV for sale on the Internet.

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Other Makes : DNEPR MT-16 2WD DNEPR MT-16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV Picture and Description:

 11202705251617730 Other Makes : DNEPR MT 16 2WD DNEPR MT 16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The history of the Dnepr began in the ranks of military some 60 years ago. It was made to be agile, to be able to go places that defied the imagination and to last many years under the most unforgiving conditions. And in the years since it has proven to be a valuable asset in the military's arsenal - the unstoppable muscular breed of vehicle army had been looking for. All told, more than 1,500,000 Dneprs have been produced for the armed forces. It was only a matter of time before the Dneprs's extraordinary powers were called upon by the nonmilitary sector. KMZ's decision to sell to the public finally allowed nonmilitary personnel to experience the exceptional off-road performance and problem-solving abilities of this military-based bike. When the terrain is at its ugliest, Dnepr is at its most beautiful. It can scale a 10-inch vertical rock ledge, claw its way up a 60% grade, ford 15 inches of water, muck or mud, and plow through two-foot snow drifts. Impossible? For another bike. But not for the Dnepr. In addition to its two-weel driving suspension, the Dnepr has 30-inch tires and a full 10 inches of ground clearance - twice as much as any other bike. Its 50-inch track width gives it an amazingly low center of gravity. Making the Dnepr stable enough to traverse a 40% side slope. Much of the Dneprs's climbing prowess is a result of its geared hub assembly, which provides a gear reduction not just to the bike but to the side-car both. It can handle water so well because the powertrain's entire gear system is sealed and completely protected from sand, silt and muck. A Dnepr can negotiate obstacles and rough terrain that would be a dead end for any other civilian bike: its heavy-duty suspension has springs much larger than an ordinary bike. The Dnepr's sidecar gear-hub continuously keeps the rotational speed of two driving-wheels at its optimal. This unique system reduces tire spin on severe terrain or slippery surfaces, allowing the differential to redistribute torque to those wheels with traction. Equipped with a slip torque-biasing differential, Dnepr provides the best of reliable mechanical systems. Couple this with the Dnepr's geared hub assembly, and there is very little terrain in the world that you can't negotiate. If you find these feats amazing, it's because they are. No other civilian bike in the world comes close to doing what a Dnepr can do. Most of civil SUVs would consider themselves lucky to boast so much ruggedness. The Dnepr, however, houses it all within a seemingly indestructible, heavy-duty frame. The end result is the uncontested king of all off-road bikes. Dnepr MT-16 2WD,this bike was developed for WW2, all original military bike. with side car. registered in the state of SC. titled. very rare collectors bike. 650 cc . lots of extras...This bike is fully serviced and ready to ride. All parts used by us while servicing and replacing were ordered directly from the manufacturer. All original.Among other extras you get a stock headlight ring, military helmet, shovel, service manual (in english and russian), low farings, original single seats (driver and passanger),set of extra gaskets for engine and transmission, set of russian tires, windshield. Tires on the bike now are Dunlop, also we are not capable of balancing spoke wheels, so it might need to be done.Great bike!!!Always a lot of complements, wherever you go.Happy bidding.

 11202705251617731 Other Makes : DNEPR MT 16 2WD DNEPR MT 16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV
 11202705251617732 Other Makes : DNEPR MT 16 2WD DNEPR MT 16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV
 11202705251617733 Other Makes : DNEPR MT 16 2WD DNEPR MT 16 2WD SIDECAR NO RESERV